The More Carpets You Have Cleaned The Cheaper Each One Becomes

The More Carpets You Have Cleaned The Cheaper Each One Becomes

Every Person We Clean For Gets Our After Care Package

(value of after care to you is worth more than what you will pay us for your carpet clean)

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Spillage Call Out Included In Our After Care (No other carpet cleaner provides.) Full Stories Here

You May Like Our Alternative Maintenance Plan To Just One Off Carpet Cleans

Buy One Get One Free Like No Other.  Normally when you buy one get one free you get both at the same time. Where ours is different is that you get the free one now, then you pay a few pounds each month and in one years time you get the second one.

This deal is no different to when you get a phone up front and then pay monthly. Unlike your phone company you get what you paid for in one years time. But that’s not all you get a bonus room at the same time if you choose to extend this deal to a second year. Then for every year after you get two rooms for the price of one.

So if you think about this you could rotate all your carpets in your home. Plus if you add in our second deal your sorted as far as clean carpets go. I will provide you with full id so you know I am not some scammer. I know trust is earn’t


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Our Customer Care Plan, No Other Carpet Cleaner Does This

Have Your Carpets Cleaned And Get 3 Years After Care.You will not find this service anywhere as we are the first to offer it. If you had to pay for this service it would have a value of about £80 I will show how that breaks down later first what do you get is,

One Bottle Of Carpet Spotter With Free Refills For 3 Years

One Voucher That Intitles You To One Free Spillage Callout. Valid One Year.

The callout alone is worth £50 which is what most carpet cleaners Charge For Call Out. The Spotter has a value of £9.95 Each Bottle. So You See That About £80. BTW we also give you one free bottle of Febreze


Read Our Carpet Cleaning Guide Link Bottom Of Page

5 Good Reason Why You Need Our After Care Voucher

  1. Why Our Carpet Cleaning After Care Free Voucher Might Save The Day For You!
  2. This Voucher Comes Free With Every Carpet Clean.
  3. Its Valid For One Call Out For Three Years On Any Carpet We Clean.
  4. Most Carpet Cleaners Charge £50 For A Call Out.
  5. If Left To Dry It Would Have Been Permanent. No Living With Stains Or Carpet Replacement.

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Hygiene Package Included With Every Clean

why 84% of people are misinformed about germs
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  • How to avoid 4 carpet cleaning rip-offs!
  • 6 costly misconceptions about carpet cleaning.
  • A guide to cleaning for hygiene
  • Which methods clean best.
  • 4 mistakes to avoid when choosing a carpet cleaner.
  • The importance of value and price.
  • Why you want a clean, healthy, residue-free carpet.
  • 100% no-risk guarantee.
  • 4 steps to a fresh, clean, healthy and residue-free carpet.